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We offer you three types of MINDsetBODY classes: Focus, Feel and Fire. You can choose freely or decide for all of them. Think about what you need, where you are in your life and how you feel. We guarantee satisfaction, enjoyment and stunning results.

We exercise in small groups, in an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. Efficiency of our classes is enhanced by heating and lighting systems – the crucial element of each MINDsetBODY training space.

MINDsetBODY. Focus, Feel and… Fire!


Sensitivity. Mindfulness. Awareness.

Classes for those who want to explore the secrets of the human body and psyche. Who want to broaden the scope of attention and the awareness of stimuli reaching the senses and coming from their own body.

Using the elements of mindfulness therapy, we deepen body awareness and go beyond the limits of knowing yourself or the environment. We practice concentration and memory, the ability to calm down and to focus on the present. We increase pain tolerance. We reduce the level of stress and improve immunity.

Our exercises strengthen the body, stretch it to the limit, and shape the muscles.

We are inspired by the harmony of ballet, spiritual freedom and the spatiality of contemporary dance and jazz.

Focus. Your body will become beautiful and conscious.


Sensuality. Sensation. Satisfaction.

Classes designed for those who wish to develop self-confidence, acceptance of their own body, their feelings and desires.

For those who want to discover their own sensuality and sexuality. To accept its potential and reject its limitations. To reach for the inner “self”.

We introduce elements of sensual Cuban rumba and Brazilian samba which will unleash your sexuality. We reach for different styles of contemporary dance, such as dancehall, waacking or vogueing that express freedom from fear, limitations and stereotypes.

Feel. You will shape your body. Your movements will gain grace and sex appeal.


Energy explosion. The Power of Expression.

Fire symbolizes the greatest stimulation, creation and action. Instincts and passions. Unlimited expression, impulsiveness and electrifying pace.

For those with fiery personality. Age does not matter here. The internal rhythm is what counts.

For those who want to cultivate cheerfulness, vitality and positive energy.

We move to the rhythms of disco, techno and energetic Latin dances.

Fire. You will lose calories in a flash and regain the will to live.

Preparation for classes

  • Eat your last meal 2 hours before the session.
  • Drink water before and after the session.
  • Instead of a regular makeup, put on MINDsetBODY Nano Gold Mist. It will reduce the toxins. Vitamin C will brighten the skin tone making you look refreshed and glowing.
  • Put on comfortable shoes and clothing. Preferably from the MINDsetBODY collection, which is available for purchase in our studio.
  • Put your hair in a ponytail or a half ponytail.

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