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What exactly is MINDsetBODY?

MINDsetBODY is a complex training program. We focus on your body and mind and improve your psychophysical condition through therapeutic qualities of heat and light.

Specially designed exercises with dance elements, taking place in a uniquely arranged space, trigger senses while giving you pleasure, energy and vitality.

It is a body and mind training which develops the ability to express personality and style through body and movement.

What is our mission?

Maximum life. Maximum pleasure. Maximum expression.

We want to positively influence the quality of your life. Your health and your well-being. To maximize experiences, sensations and pleasures. To show you the ways of expressing your personality.

How do we pursue our values?

We shape your Body, free your Mind and Set you for yourself.

How does it work?

You have to love life to have life, and you need to have life to love life.

Thornton Wilder

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  • The body is the starting point. Focus on experience. On what is here and now. By treating the body properly, you begin to embrace its needs.
  • Then you free your mind, which becomes more conscious and more able to project a change. It becomes sensitive to stimuli and open to your needs. It begins to search for the best way to satisfy them.
  • And that is how we set you for yourself. Through repetitive exercises, through reflection upon what your body tries to tell you. To change the way you approach life. To rethink your attitude towards yourself and environment. To win the moving spirit, self-confidence, optimism. Well-being and health.
  • Your mindset manifests itself through the posture and silhouette, corporeally expressed personality. Within the way you present yourself to the world. In your behavior and style. In the way you express yourself.

That is how we make our way from the body to the mind, through the mindset and back to the body. But now the body is perfected, more sensitive and more conscious.

The promise

We originate from dance. It inspires us. We truly believe it will inspire you. A dancer’s body is muscular, strong, slender and straight. It is always aware. It expresses personality and stirs imagination of others. And that is the body we promise you to have.

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